About us

In NextHop we put our expertise in the function of your business success. In a time of rapid technology changes and high standards of communication systems we are using the power of our knowledge, experience and commitment for achieving the highest levels of technological development, in order to convert them into functional solutions for all your needs. By ensuring maximum productivity with the most effective methods and the most profitable solutions, we are helping you to become leader or to save leadership position, to be sure in the quality of service that you provide to your clients, and what is most important to make them happy and satisfied.

Our vision is to be a synonym for a company that is reliable partner to its clients, the company with high level of professionalism and expertise, which is innovative and creative, the company who will through a wide range of solutions in its offering allow its clients to be at the peak of their productivity and efficiency. Our vision is to be leaders, and to build our customers to that position.